Your car uses oil, it’s supposed to. Some cars use it quickly, others not as much. This is why you need to check your oil! Cars can use between 1-4 quarts of oil between each oil change (5,000 miles). You should check your oil more frequently until you get to know how much it typically goes through. Start by checking your oil to see where it is on the stick, then go 500 miles and check it again. You can keep moving it out farther (1,000 > 1,500 > 2,000 …) if it remains within the safe line. Once it drops below the safe line, add 1 quart of oil. 

How to check your oil:

Park on flat ground and let engine cool for 3-5 minutes after being fully warmed up (30+minutes of driving) OR after being left over night, before running. Pull the dipstick out, wipe it off, examine the run range, and re-insert fully. Remove the dipstick and turn it horizontal in front of you so it doesn’t run up or down, examine to ensure the oil is in the run range.